A Student Who Bullies

Sometimes we think bullying isn’t happening in our classroom or school. It can often be right under our noses! The key is to expose it and talk about it. If the behaviour remains hidden, it continues. When it is addressed, it can be eliminated.

Try these activities in your classroom:

  1. Give the kids a true or false test about bullying.Example: Girls rarely bully others or Bullying is only hitting others. Talk about their answers and clear up misconceptions.

  2. Brainstorm bullying behaviours with the class. Post the list. Create another list of positive behaviours or ways to combat bullying.

  3. Create journals for students. Give them scenarios to finish, definitions to complete, or simply provide a place to write about their feelings and concerns. Keep up the communication. It’s a great way to improve writing skills and ensure issues are addressed before they become overwhelming for the student.